• My name is Abayomi, investing in real estate has thought me what is known as financial, I can determine the lifestyle of my wife and kids. Thanks to Pazino ECC
  • I have lots of friends whose life has been financially transformed by joining the PBN. I love what i do
  • My dad told me I need academic education to pass through school but I need Business Education to pass through difficulties of life...Now, I will be able to plan my choice of university, Masters, Doctorate degree and a good life. Thanks Pazino ECC

Benefits on the PazinoBN

On this platform, members enjoy 10% direct commission when he or her client purchases any of our garden schemes.

Also 10% is allocated for indirect commission, where you can earn from the sales of those in your team on network. You earn 5% on your 1st level, 3% on your 2nd level and 2% on your 3rd level if active. If not active, earn 1% up to your 3rd generation for your 1st 3 months. (Active means selling at least 1 plot outright or installment in a month).

The world is a global village today and the use of cutting edge technology to drive your business beyond your boundaries can never be over emphasized. With PazinoBN technology driven platform, anyone from any part of the world can be a part of our business opportunity and function effectively.

All members are put through life transforming business success training for better productivity. Ranging from Product Knowledge, Business Suite User Classes, Sales and Marketing, Network Marketing, Leaders and Financial Literacy Classes.

We desire our business consultant to be the best in Africa, successful and globally competitive in the Real Estate and Network Marketing Industry.

Pazinobn Blog

Akodo Peninsula is selling now!!!

Buy Now and Start Building Immediately.....Outright Payment(10% Discount). We have over 80 plots of land for sale in our Akodo Peninsula (Homes & Gard



Start Investing In Pazino Gardens Today.......Tomorrow may be too late for that decision, as our gardens are very afforable